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sprout grows

THIS is the most effective, inexpensive, and simplest way to market and sell your self-published book

You worked your tail off to write your book, you paid to have a professional copy edit and proofread it, you have a nice front cover and an engaging back cover, and the printing presses are rolling. Congratulations! That’s a major achievement and you should be proud of it. But now what?

As a self-published author, I understand the anxiety you might be feeling as you face the dreadful question: How are people going to find my book? Fear not, you’re not alone, and there is a very simple answer to what may feel like a colossal challenge. The answer? Socialize it.

Socialize it to whom? To your network of co-workers, friends, and family–and anyone else who will read it. For the next at least six months your book needs to become your business card. Seriously. I’m not even going to waste time explaining why.

If you need an explanation, read the biography of Nike founder Phil Knight (who sold shoes out of his trunk at track meets), or Master P (who sold CD’s out of his trunk at concerts) or Michael Dell (who sold computers out of his trunk at colleges and business campus parking lots).

Time to get cracking and become your book’s best salesperson. Follow this list for best results.

  1. Print your book on KDP, order 100 author copies for pennies on the dollar (you might want to order a proof copy first to make sure it’s good to go). Put the back cover text in the description. Make sure all your contact info is in the back of the book.
  2. Post on social media to everyone you know: “My book is done! I’m over the moon excited! For a limited time signed copies are available to all of you for only $10 (free shipping!). Please support me I’m a starving author! 🙂 Include Amazon store link.
  3. Post again a week later thanking those who have purchased it and reminding others it’s on Amazon for sale. Consider paying your social media company to send the post to everyone on your friend list.
  4. Put copies of the book in your car. Put five copies on your desk at work. Bring the book wherever you go. Sell copies, give copies away, beg people to read the book, tell them how it will benefit them — just do whatever you have to do to get rid of all 100 books you purchased. That’s your mission.
  5. Follow up with the people who bought your book and ask them to review it on Amazon. Tell them you would appreciate a five star review. 🙂
  6. Join local book and author clubs. Bring your book. Give it out to people and ask them for feedback.
  7. Leave copies of your book at places when you can.. Starbucks.. cafes.. places that give free books away. Offer it to every business owner you encounter (they are connected with tons of people).

In summary, socialize your book in every way imaginable. wherever you encounter people. Hand it out like a business card. After the books are gone, either order more or keep going, or have custom bookmarks made (with the Amazon link) and socialize them everywhere. As the image depicts, every Oak tree started out as a sprout. So go, grow and prosper!

You reap what you sow. Plant seeds and they will grow — especially if your book is a winner.