Each one is to teach one: What is YOUR passion and vision?

REACHING AND TEACHING. “Each one is to teach one.” Amen. You have gained skills and experience in a certain area and only you can teach the subject the way you are able to teach it. You want to influence others and make a difference? Don’t abandon an idea or vision you have for sharing your knowledge simply because there are other books or resources on the market. No one can teach the same exact way you can. 

Case in point. When Yamaha first released their “Motif” keyboard series, there were endless videos, instruction manuals, and other resources for people to learn the keyboard. Yet people were still complaining that the keyboard was too complicated to learn. We are talking about thousands of videos to help them, and they still couldn’t grasp the most basic concepts. 

God showed me that opportunity and I wrote a book called “Commanding the Yamaha Motif, step-by-step.” I then approached Yamaha’s biggest distributor with the idea. Initially, people doubted Motif keyboard customers would be interested in such a “basic” manual. When I showed them proof that keyboardists were struggling to learn the instrument, they started to budge. Then they said I should change the title because they didn’t think it would resonate with anyone. But God had given me that vision, and I was not willing to change it. I stuck to my guns and told them I would sell the book as designed with or without their involvement. They agreed to sell it for me.

That book sold thousands of copies in multiple languages and I (and they) made a lot of money. There was so much demand for my step-by-step instruction book, I wrote a follow-up and it sold just as many copies.

My formula for success? First of all, I paid attention to what people were saying about the Motif keyboard. I read the discussion forums and made mental notes of their pain points. I also paid attention to what frustrated ME about the keyboard and noted the operations that were not intuitive (the ones that forced me to look in the convoluted official manual for answers). And, most importantly, I didn’t let all of the other resources and authorities in the market intimidate me and talk me out of my vision.

I do believe we are all called to reach and teach others. All of us have gained skills and experience in some area to give others a hand up. All we need to do is pay attention, take notes, develop a niche for ourselves, and execute. It helps when it’s an area of your passion. For me I was writing about one of my favorite things: producing music. What’s your purpose and passion? What can you teach? What’s your vision?

I am also a professional book editor. I can help you develop your story, your how-to manual, your memoir, or anything else. I can also copy edit, line edit, proofread, and publish it for you. Contact me anytime for a free consultation.

Mark F Johnston, Author, Editor, Publisher, Writing Coach

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