Welcome, Friends

Thanks for dropping by. Rebecca and I are excited to announce the launch of our long awaited book. Friends this isn’t just a relationship rescue book. This is a testimony about the awesome power of grace, faith and truth we discovered from amazing people we encountered on the road to divorce. We are talking about truths that not only saved our trainwreck marriage but totally transformed our lives for the better in every way.

last breakup book cover

This story is for anyone of any persuasion who wants to witness the power of grace and faith, but also those who are searching for a better way, seeking truth and love, straining to see the light, struggling in relationships, or who just loves an inspirational story and wants to hear some absolutely amazing life-changing wisdom from people we encountered on our faith journey.


From the back cover: Facing divorce after 14 years of “crazy train” marriage  and multiple failed attempts to fix it, Mark and Rebecca share  the miraculous true story of how their separate roads to  fulfillment led to the most improbable places, amazing people, and ultimately  to finding the elusive missing puzzle piece of their lives, hearts, and even marriage.

The Last Breakup, 217 pages, 20 chapters, paperback. $15 (free shipping, no extra tax). A portion of proceeds goes to Haitian Christian charity Kolej Project). Please let us know in the comments on PayPal if you want us to sign the book.