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Heavy burdens and ‘stuff’ weighing you down? Here’s how to throw them off

In Hebrews 12 the Lord calls usb to “throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles so we can RUN this race set before us with endurance.” Why? To shine light, grow in the spirit, and glorify Him of course. But looking around at our society we see people weighed down with all kinds of worldly burdens and unable to answer the call. Fear not, there is a way to answer the call and be released, if only we will do these things…

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We must have this ONE THING to harness the POWER of the Holy Spirit

Unsound doctrine in the church is widespread and many have been misguided, hence the prevalence of people who have lost heart and hope. The saving AND transformative POWER of the Holy Spirit is available to all for our spiritual progress but we MUST have one thing to harness it. Also, don’t miss out on John Bunyan’s “8 evils of unbelief” testified in this talk. John is the author of the great work THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS. <3

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If the Holy Spirit gives us power, why are so many still powerless?

In the Bible Jesus teaches in Acts 1:8 that when the Holy Spirit comes upon us we will have POWER and FREEDOM. So why is it that so many Christians are still powerless and in chains? We can look to the Bereans to answer that question and many others about our current day society.

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How Christians must respond to those who want to put us in chains

There is no peace or security without Christ. We are in gravely perilous times in which power-hungry spirits of all kinds are actively trying to rob us of our individual powers (aka liberties) and deprive us of our God-granted rights. These entities want us to put our HOPE and TRUST in government and industry and thus enslave us to them rather than to our Lord. We mustn’t let them. We must stand on the rock of TRUTH and fight this evil with the truth in love and PRAY for the power of the Spirit to be in all of us to speak truth to freedom.

“For God is the Spirit, and wherever there is the spirit of God, there is FREEDOM.” 2 Cor 3:17

“The spirit of God is love, POWER, and sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:17

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How to deal with divisive people who hinder us

We live in an increasingly secular world that is hostile to God and unfortunately many of our closest friends and family members have rejected His word. In Christian circles there are many views of how we should deal with such people, but there is only one truth given by our Lord, and it’s actually quite simple.. if we will have faith in it.

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Three ways the Lord wants us to walk (hint: initials are RGT)

FACING THE LIGHT. We live in a fallen world filled with traps and snares of all sorts, and at a breathtaking pace the enemy is dragging scores of people into the pit because they are still blind to the truth. In their blindness to the truth, they are unable to walk in the ways of RGT. Tune in to find out what RGT stands for and why it is so incredibly important on every level.

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How now shall a Christian live in America??

As America and the western church decline rapidly, those Christians who are still seeking want to know: how now shall we live in this age of moral decline in which our own friends and family have rejected the word of God and mock our faith? Author Mark Johnston turns to the good book for answers.

Struggling with guilt and shame from past sins? Hear this

Author and minister Mark Johnston sheds the light of truth on one of the most challenging parts of walking in love and truth, and that is the acceptance of Christ’s forgiveness for our sins. As long as we refuse to accept His forgiveness, we can never be the LIGHTS He has called us to be.

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Yes, American Christian churches are failing… to obey Christ’s command

Author Mark Johnston weighs in on what he believes is the single biggest problem plaguing the modern Christian church in America. Spoiler alert: it’s all about the leadership–or lack thereof–and how they have chosen the numbers, fame, and esteem of men over the truth.

Source: Please see Pew Research for more detailed stats on decline of Christian church in America.