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Three ways the Lord wants us to walk (hint: initials are RGT)

FACING THE LIGHT. We live in a fallen world filled with traps and snares of all sorts, and at a breathtaking pace the enemy is dragging scores of people into the pit because they are still blind to the truth. In their blindness to the truth, they are unable to walk in the ways of RGT. Tune in to find out what RGT stands for and why it is so incredibly important on every level.

1 thought on “Three ways the Lord wants us to walk (hint: initials are RGT)

  1. Amy

    Amen and Amen 🙌 right in line with everything I’ve been in fellowship with Him (God) about over the past few month’s 🙏🙌 RIGHTEOUSNESS OF God in God..Everyday my eye’s are opened to more and more understanding!!!! I know so many that say the right things knowing scripture but not walking in the word… without following JESUS and walking daily in the word living and doing the word of God it’s just a book you knowand read, where’s the belief and faith in Him🙌 the fruits, the salvation through Him.Wheres the realtionship with Him… So many faithless and think their walking in truth… Breaks my heart 💔 I cry out to God our Father in heaven daily for them.. and for me to walk in HIS Righteousness and TRUTH daily!!! 🔥Powerful TRUTH in this message🔥Thank you Lord for answered prayers 🙏🙌 To God be the GLORY forever and ever Amen


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