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How to deal with divisive people who hinder us

We live in an increasingly secular world that is hostile to God and unfortunately many of our closest friends and family members have rejected His word. In Christian circles there are many views of how we should deal with such people, but there is only one truth given by our Lord, and it’s actually quite simple.. if we will have faith in it.

1 thought on “How to deal with divisive people who hinder us

  1. Amy

    PRAISE the Lord 🙌 again this word confirms my fellowship with God over the last month! My prayers to Him the long talks and fellowship about family and friends and the people in my life. I’m so thankful how Gods moving in my life bringing to life what was dead in me through his word and guidance. I pray daily for his will to be done and not my own! He shows me His will is his word and to be in His will I’m to be in His word.🙌 Another POWERFUL message full of Godly truth. I’m in awe of HIM and my closer relationship with Jesus… God bless you and keep you always in Jesus name. Amen


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